The next morning, porters found Ben’s lifeless body on the brick path. It was a brutal sight with blood everywhere. His friends and tutors were shocked by this as Mr Dover had a brilliant future. They did not realise how high Ben held ENS in regard. The college contacted Ben’s family, who soon flew over to the UK to retrieve the body.

Two days later, Ben was transported to a mortuary in his home city of Kaohsiung. The staff prepared him for funeral as his family grieved. Condolences were sent from all over the world, a marking of Mr Dover’s former success, yet these trivial gains are meaningless now.

Ben woke up. His eyes shot open, and landed on … nothing. It was a complete darkness, but he could hear people around him. Xiaoming was chatting to his colleague about that amazing deep fried chicken chop he ate last night. Confused and tired, he went back to sleep.

Cold air swept by Ben’s pale face, he woke up again. This time, he can see a grey ceiling with lights and several people carrying him with a large wooden box - a coffin! Ben blinked, a single tear rolling down his face. He suicided, his family must have been very upset. He felt disgusted by his inability to consider his parents and those close to him. “Am I a ghost?” Ben wondered as he attempted to move his arm. Clunk! His knuckles hit the wooden box around him. The party paused. “What was that?” “Oh, probably just the dripping water pipe, asshole boss too poorjar to repair it.” Ben

A. did not let a single breath out during this exchange
B. coughed due to his desert of a throat

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