Ben’s peculiar email ringtone awoke him from his trance of elation. He looked down. By golly! This is email is just like the one a few minutes before. Both of them were sent by Princeton and had the word Princeton in them. Alpha Centauri-sized sweat beaded on Ben’s forehead as he realised his grave misteak. Ben screamed internally but was not able to utter a single word.

“Ah”, finally, he let out a single breath. Good Lord, what has Ben done! Mr. Dover intends to use his experiences gained from online lessons during the Cocvid-91 pandemic to salvage this situation.

He quickly rejoined the meeting, ruffled his hair and turned to the screen. The French maths guy was still there, chatting with a colleague behind him, censored by his background filter. It was weirdly erotic. Noticing Mr Dover’s presence, the guy turned towards the camera, his giant face filling the screen.

‘What brings you back, Princeton student?’

‘I am extremely sorry, some guy just broke into my room and said “Je atteindre Princeton” and pulled the power cable of my desktop’ Ben responded frantically, with a haunted look.

‘But aren’t you using a lap-‘

‘Anyways, shall we start?’

The Frenchie thought for a while, and said

A. Fine whatever, those guys constantly wanting to ruin your life can be annoying. B. Lmao, are you taking me for a fool? Go to your Princeton and have a good day

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