Hans got off the train and walked into the nearest Döner Kebab shop. His last stay in Rennes visiting Ben had nearly starved him with the terrible French cuisine. As he once again felt the warm bread in his hands, after a painful few days, he let out a long held sigh. Finally some good authentic German food, he thought. He took another bite of the juicy kebab meat and watched the busy transportation hub. What a mess, just like Ben’s life.

He head out the station down the road and went for a leisurely walk in the Botanical Garden just beside the University of Bone. This is his third spring there by now and he loved seeing the flowers blossom, but loved even more seeing them wilt. Baytoufen’s Sunlight Concerto flowed through his mind, mixing with the serene beauty of the garden. He was enjoying this ethereal moment for a few seconds until he saw some old people staring into his soul. Scheiße, he forgot that it was his phone’s ringtone. Pyotr Jobgiver, one of his advisors, was requesting his presence. He sauntered out and walked into the bustling university.

He remembered the time he was young, just like them. He had the perfect university experience during his two years at Trollroto, but alas no, he could not turn off the offer to study masters at his dream school. He quickly graduated in the following semester, embarking on a new journey. While recollecting his memories, his feet had already taken him to Prof. Dr. Jobgiver’s office.

Hans knocked on the door twice, there was no sound. Then a whispered groan came out from the room. ‘Who’s there?’ Pyotr asked. Hans was bewildered: didn’t Jobgiver just call me to meet him? He spoke his thoughts. Embarrassed, the aryan man opened the door slightly and muttered, ‘I didn’t think you would be here so soon’. Suspicious, Hans tried to get a better look into his new advisor’s office. ‘Give me a moment.’ Hans waited outside patiently, until Pyotr’s head emerged again. Having made sure that Hans was still there, he swung open the door to reveal none other than the famous Justin Statesonson. ‘Come in, Mr Hwang, we have been expecting you.’ Justin’s deep voice rumbled through the room into the hallway. The esteemed heterotopy theorist stood up to shake Hans’s hand. But all that Hans could see was some mysterious glistening white liquid streaked across his palm. Clearly, they had been doing some sweaty work with the Hagoromo chalk (9.99 USD for a box at [insert my amazon affiliate link]) at the greenboard.

‘Well, I’m excited to be here, when do we start?’ Hans asked. Pyotr slowly shut the door behind them, and swiftly pulled out a cylinder from his pocket, ‘As a mathematician, this is your lasersword. Keep it well.’ Hans took the cylinder, warm from Pyotr’s body temperature, and went red-faced. Such an honour! It is his own Hagoromo chalk, equipped with the latest Bone Chow nanoquantum technology to keep it long and hard, lest it breaks during writing. Together, they started to procreate the intellectual gems of the human civilisation.

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