Dover has disappeared, much like George Perelman, for 10 years already, only with numerous unconfirmed sightings. He was last seen solemn beside Tito’s tomb. Dover was never a man of politics, but he has expressed some communist ideals in outbursts with his friends and family. Eason Wong, who has been friends with him since secondary school, said that Dover is a follower of the Russian anarchist Bakunin. All in all, Ben has been a phenomenon for the last 2 decades, but he is starting to be forgotten.

It was a cold winter night in January 2043, a winter snowstorm howled over a birch shack. The only sign of life is the approaching of death. Our familiar friend Ben Dover was laying over a pile of rags, grunts came out of his throat. With a sharp screech, his life came to an end. A bright spot in the history of mathematics dimmed and extinguished into the void.

From a white birch tree, we extracted with Agent Pink, what happened in Ben’s dying moments.

AHHHH NO DON’T POUR IT ON ME, my saplings are all going to grow their roots upwards! Oh my god ok I will give you want you want, just don’t give me that. So this poor bloke was drawing in the snow in front of me, well its all erased by the snowstorm now. He drew a very large picture a man with funny clothing and a rather horrid looking necklace. I don’t know why humans love making crosses with my friends. My great-grandfather’s whole village was slaughtered to make those. X-men are not real are they? A cardinal? What’s that? NOO AHHHHH. Ok I won’t ask any more questions. As I was saying, he was drawing that large picture for several hours already, mumbling something my leaves couldn’t pick up. Then there was this absolutling giant polar bear who was obviously starving. He stalked here as soon as he saw that man. I tried to warn him by throwing my leaves at him, he was covered in leaves by the end! But he was obviously entranced in his ‘art’. Anyway the polar bear bit him. He ran then. Somehow, the polar bear was unable to reach him again. He must have ran away into that hut!

This was not enough, was it? How did Ben end up in Siberia, close to the North Pole? (We were able to find out that he visited his maths teacher from secondary school a few years ago, but there seems to be no connection.) What made him disgard his atheist view? My dear reader, may we walk into this shack and see the genius of the century one last time. He is only 37, yet wrinkles lined his face. His skin was like parchment, all but confirming his unusual death. Let us travel back in history and follow Mr Dover through the ages.

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