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british spelling
all lower case
all singular, unless requires plural (isomorphic, homeomorphic, etc.)
- replaced by space
' gets deleted
no using maths symbols
no using letters
drawing relevant to maths slightly preferred

MATH3131 Groups

as spelled in the lecture notes

group, associativity, identity, inverse, abelian, order, cyclic group, symmetry group, automorphism group, category, morphism, homomorphism, isomorphism, subgroup, dihedral group, lagrange theorem, coset, index, group action, orbit, transitive, stabilizer, faithful, representation, platonic solid, quaternion, normal subgroup, kernel, quotient, alternating group,

Pugh RMA Ch1

and some stuff I added because why not

natural number, integer, rational number, empty set, singleton, disjoint, symmetric difference, difference, class, equivalence relation, equivalence class, prime number, dedekind cut, real number, upper bound, dedekind complete, associativity, commutativity, symmetry, positive, negative, field, subfield, transitivity, trichotomy, translation, rotation, skew, magnitude, triangle inequality, supremum, infimum, convergence, limit, cauchy sequence, cauchy complete, convexity, archimedean property, cartesian product, dot product, cauchy schwarz inequality, orthant, integer lattice, inner product, function, mapping, codomain, range, injection, surjection, bijection, composition, cardinality, denumerable, uncountable, schroeder bernstein theorem, disjoint union, continuity, intermediate value theorem, de morgans law, graph, fixed point, dyadic, algebraic number, power set, limit supremum, limit infimum,

Pugh RMA Ch2

and some stuff I deleted because IDK

metric space, metric, positive definite, inheritance, sequence, subsequence, sequential convergence, homeomorphism, epsilon delta, limit point, closed set, open set, topology, clopen set, neighbourhood, limit set, closure, idempotent, preimage, topological equivalence, product metric, product space, taxicab metric, euclidean metric, compact set, bolzano weierstrass theorem, heine borel theorem, diameter, nested sequence, embedding, uniform continuity, proper subset, disconnected sets, connected sets, path connected, topologists sine curve, interior, boundary, cluster point, condensation point, perfect metric space, covering, lebesgue number, total boundedness, cantor set, totally disconnected, truncate, concatenate, dense, ambiently homeomorphic, convex hull,

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