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A list of (not necessarily) lesser-known maths resources, maybe recommended, maybe not, in no particular order. Feel free to procrastinate from more important work by exploring the links as I have done through the years, which led to the failure I am now.

Notes / Courseware / Wikis

Napkin - Evan Chen, MIT

MAT327 Topology - Ivan Khatchatourian, Toronto

Cambridge Lecture Notes - Zhiyuan Bai, Yale

Cambridge Notes - Dexter Chua, Harvard

Harvard MATH 55A - Denis Auroux

Harvard MATH 55B - Denis Auroux

Oxford Course Archive

What Is Collection - AMS




Linearity, Symmetry, and Prediction in the Hydrogen Atom - Stephanie Frank Singer

Second Year Calculus: From Celestial Mechanics to Special Relativity - David M. Bressoud

[Fundamental University Physics - Alonso, Finn]

Lecture Series

Statistics 110: Probability - Harvard

Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra - Theodore Shifrin, UGA

Probability Theory, I, II, III - Todd Kemp, UCSD

Outstanding YouTube Channels

VisualMath - Daniel Tubbenhauer, Sydney

Michael Penn, Randolph College

MathMajor - Michael Penn, Randolph College

Richard E. Borcherds, Berkeley

YouTube Channels

ThatMathThing - Joel A. Rosenfeld, South Florida

The Math Sorcerer

Numberphile2 - Brady Haran

Kyle Broder

Richard Southwell

Fields Institute

Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques

International Centre for Theoretical Physics Mathematics Section

Outstanding Videos

Percolation: a Mathematical Phase Transition


Turning a Sphere Outside In

3Blue1Brown angrily lashes out at you for being bad at math (POV)

What is a rotationplasty?


Journey In Mathematics - Qi Zhu, Bonn

Frederick Tsz-Ho Fong, HKUST (blog articles in Cantonese)

數學教授的日常生活 - Shingyu Leung, HKUST (in Chinese)

Toby Lam, Oxford

Azimuth - John Baez, UCR

This Week’s Finds - John Baez, UCR

Not Even Wrong - Peter Woit, Columbia

線代啟示錄 (in Chinese)

Lists / Guides

Resources - Peasant Maths

Algebraic Geometry from High School

Highest voted questions on MathOverflow

Questions tagged [big-list] on MathOverflow

Highest voted questions ono Math Stack Exchange

Questions tagged [big-list] on Math Stack Exchange

MIR Titles

How to Become a Pure Mathematician (or Statistician)




Matrix Calculator

Famous People

I put them here partly to simp, and partly to recommend their notes, which I have not read so my recommendation is useless.

Martin Hairer

Hugo Duminil-Copin

Extra Education

Including summer schools, online schools, etc.

Collection of Programs from MAA

List of Opportunities from AMS

Math in Moscow

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Fields Undergraduate Summer Research Program

PCMI Undergraduate Summer School

[Subject] Through Problems

UChicago Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Scripts

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