With the aid of the Broccoli Gods, Ben has exceeded his usual performances and impressed the examiners so much that the legendary youngest Farmland Medal winner Alexei Grothendieck, friend of the famous John Peter Serre, came onto the Boom call himself to see this amazing phenomenon. Needless to say, Ben was selected into the ENS a few days later.

Upon his arrival, he joined the infamous Nikolaos Bourbaki group. 2 years later he graduated and went to Kyoto to study under Mochizuki in his groundbreaking Inter-Universal Teabag Theory. He published his new and improved Inter-Multiversal Teabag Theory as his PhD thesis. Mr Dover is so hokgod that he made the ICM happen 1 year early in 2031. He was awarded the Farmland Medal at merely 25 years old.

After this ordeal, he retired from mathematics and has become nowhere to be seen. His last sighting was in

A. The Heavenly Temple in Beijing
B. Belgrade beside Tito’s tomb

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