Mr Dover has obtained top grades in his first year at Camford. In fact, he aced every single examination except for Statistics in which he got zero. In the mean time, he has finished undergraduate analysis and algebra and is currently halfway through Grandpa Lang and GTM 52. Intending to walk the path of Serre, the grandmaster of algebraic geometry, further, he is also studying French, aiming to get into ENS d’Ulm in his second year.

The second year has arrived, he has become fluent in French and mastered algebraic geometry and functional analysis. He thinks he has a good chance of getting into the ENS. Ben studied very hard prior to his competition for admission.

It is now 10 minutes before his oral exam. He chooses to

A. Eat broccoli
B. Drink water
C. Not attend because Princeton is better
D. Sit in front of his computer

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